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Programs Outlines
We offer flexible combinations of lessons (weekly, twice per week, etc), as individual, group lessons or ensembles. Check our Rates page. Lesson times range from 30 to 60 minutes depending upon the needs of the student and the advice of the instructor. The lessons during the academic year are grouped into terms that include 10 lessons. Students may also follow a monthly plan. All lessons take place in one of our 4 locations and may be scheduled between after-school hours, weeknights, and weekends.

Summer lessons may begin as soon as the academic year program have been completed and day schools are closed for summer vacations, and are to be concluded no later than the third week in August.

We pride ourselves in our teaching concept, which students enjoy for years until successful completion and transformation into a real musician.In a warm, friendly, personalized environment students explore and perform music, including the most valued elements: beat, rhythm, melody and pitch, form, harmony and texture, timbre, and expression (tempo, dynamics, and articulation).

The music programs are intended to help students develop an understanding and appreciation of music, as well as the ability to create and perform it, so that they will be able to find in music a lifelong source of enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Young musicians learn to love music when they have opportunities to experience it; when they are engaged in creating and performing music, explore and experiment with instruments, natural and artificial sounds, and compositional forms and techniques that are appropriate for their developmental stage. Students will have many chances to present and share their composition or performance with others in our regular concerts.

Two aproaches of the Music Programs to choose from
"Music as a general interest program" and "Music for RCM exams". There isn't a big difference in the skills formed and basic fundamentals of these two approaches. It's more about the timing and repertoire. The students in the RCM Exam preparation should take a minimum 2 classes weekly; the repertoire is focused more on classical music with bigger component of music theory. Parents and studens can choose the appropriate and more satisfuctying concept.

Where to buy music instruments & books
Long & McQuade (keyboards, guitars, drums, books)
900 Rathburn Rd.W.
Mississauga, Ontario L5C 4L3
Phone: (905) 273-3939
2777 Steeles Avenue West
North York, Ontario M3J 3K5
Phone: (416) 663-8612
925 Bloor St. W. Toronto,
Ontario M6H 1L5
Phone: (416) 588-7886

(keyboards or digital pianos)